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Is Fatima (as) Hujjat on the Imams?

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Is Fatima (as) Hujjat on the Imams?

There is a very popular narration attributed to Imam Hasan Askari (as), in which the Imam (as) is reported to have said:

نحن حجج اللَّه على خلقه وجدتنا فاطمة حجة اللَّه علينا

“We are the Hujjat of Allah (swt) on his creation, and our grandmother Fatima (as) is the Hujjat  of Allah (swt) upon us (the Imams).”

In the following video ( ), people ask Ayatullah Jafar Subhani questions related to beliefs. At 10 min 33 sec (10:33), someone asks him about this hadith. So Ayatullah Jafar Subhani twists the meaning of “Hujjat” and says that this is not Hujjat according to Sharia, this is only to signify the high position of Fatima (as), moreover we cannot base our Aqeeda on this Hadith because this Hadith is “Khabar al Wahid” (Solitary narration), and Aqeeda can only be based on the vserses of Quran and Mutawatir Narrations (narrations with multiple chains of narrations).


It seems Ayatullah Subhani did not tell the whole truth, either because he isn’t aware of it (which is improbable) or because he doesn’t want to expose other baseless present day popular shia beliefs, because there are many other beliefs which are based on narrations as baseless as this narration.

The reality is that this narration has NO SANAD (no chain of narrators), and this narration CANNOT be found in any original books of hadith, nor in the books of History or Tafseer.

So where did this narration come from?

Well this narration only popped up out of no where in the 20th century. The first book that mentions this narration is “أطيب البيان ج 13 ص 225  ”, “Atyabul Bayaan fee Tafseeril Quraan by Sayyid Abdul Husain al-Tayyib (1893 – 1990 AC)”.

It is surprising that for all these centuries Sheikh Kulayni passed, Nomani passed, Sadooq passed, Mufeed passed, Toosi passed, the fabricator of Tafseer Imam al-Askari passed, Majlisi passes, Hurr al-Aamili passed, Muhaddith Noori passed, Faydh al-Kashaani passed…….so many Muhadditheen passed, and none of them ever knew that Imam had ever said this, until this guy who is born after all these centuries comes forward and claims that Imam Hasan al-Askari said this Hadith.

So how did this person in the 20th century suddenly narrated a narration from Imam Askari (as) which had never been narrated in any other book? Simple, either he fabricated it, or one of his teachers narrated to him this fabricated narration.

It is surprising that such baseless and fabricated narrations are so popular in our community and scholars from the Hawza fearlessly narrate it from the pulpits and get “Salawats”.


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