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FAQ11: It can be proven from the Quran that Imam Ali (as) had knowledge of everything…

FAQ11: It can be proven from the Quran that Imam Ali (as) had knowledge of everything from the past and future.

a) Quran says that every dry and wet thing has been mentioned in the Quran
b) Quran also says about Imam Ali (as) that he had the knowledge of the whole book
c) Hence it‟s proven that Imam Ali (as) had knowledge of everything


This argument is weak like a spider‟s web. Let’s analyze all the three points mentioned in the Question.

a) It is wrong to say that “every dry and wet” (i.e everything) is in the Quran.

They base their claim on this verse: Quran says in 6:59

“And with Him are the keys of the unseen treasures– none knows them but He; and He knows what is in the land and the sea, and there falls not a leaf but He knows it, nor a grain in the darkness of the earth, nor anything wet nor dry but (it is all) in a clear book (Kitabim Mubeen).”

Those who make the argument mentioned in the question think that “Kitabim mubeen” in this verse means Quran, but there is no way to prove that. It is only their guess (Dhann) that “Kitabim Mubeen” here refers to the Quran, a better tafseer would be that “Kitabim Mubeen” means “Lauh al Mahfooz”, since we know everything is preserved in “Lauh al Mahfooz”, moreover we know that the Quran doesn’t mention everything (from the past and future), and this can be proven from many examples in the Quran itself, but here we will mention only one example. The Quran says in 9:101

“And among those around you of the bedouins are hypocrites, and [also] from the people of Madinah. They have become accustomed to hypocrisy. You, [O Muhammad], do not know them, [but] We know them. We will punish them twice [in this world]; then they will be returned to a great punishment.”

We would like to ask a question, if the Quran indeed mention everything (maybe in its batin), then how come the Prophet (saww) does not know the hypocrites?

If the Quran mentioned everything, it should have mentioned something through which the Prophet (saww) could recognize the hypocrites too.

This shows that “kitabim mubeen” in 6:59 is not the Quran.

b) Now they connect the above verse (6:59) to verse 13:43, and claim that this verse says that Imam Ali (as) has total knowledge of the book, and the book in this verse is same as the “kitabim mubeen” in verse 6:59. Therefore Imam Ali (as) has knowledge of everything.

The Quran says in 13:43

“And those who have disbelieved say, “You are not a messenger.” Say, [O Muhammad], “Sufficient is Allah as Witness between me and you, and one who has knowledge of the book (ilm al kitab).”

Now which “kitab” has been mentioned in this verse? Is it Quran? Is it some other book? Well it’s unclear.

The point is, do we know for sure that the “kitabim mubeen” in 6:59 and “kitab” in 13:43 are the same? No, we don’t.

Another claim they make is that “one who has knowledge of the book” refers specifically to Imam Ali (as), even though there is no “Sahih” (authentic) hadith in favor of that.

As we can see how much conjecture (Dhann) is required to use this as a proof for claiming knowledge of everything for Imam Ali (as).


a) No proof for the claim that “kitabim mubeen” in 6:59 refers to Quran.
b) No proof that for the claim that “kitab” in 13:43 is same as “kitabim mubeen” in 6:59
c) No authentic proof that “one with knowledge of book” in 13:43 is specifically for Imam Ali (as). On the other hand, we have abundant proof from Quran and lives of the Prophet (saww) and Imams (as) that they did not have knowledge of everything.


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  1. Again, the claims that were being made to prove that “Imam Ali (as) had knowledge of everything from the past and future” is lingual acrobatics, and nicely debunked here.


    • most shia concepts are based on dhann, especilly the ghulat concepts.
      its sad to see how they mixed up the great school of ahlul bait with all this ghulat stuff.

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  2. thanks for the new postings!


  3. but is it not like this, that imam ali(as)hat the full knowledge of the koran?


    • No doubt Imam Ali (as) was the most knowledgable after the Prophet (saww). What are the details of his knowledge, we don’t know. But the point here is that the verse in Surah Raad is not talking about that, and the kitabim mubeen in the other verse and kitab in this verse are not same.
      So the proof given is purely based on dhann, trying to connect unrelated things.



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