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FAQ14: Allah takes the soul or Angel of death? Same is the case with Ahlulbayt….

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FAQ14: In the Quran Allah (swt) says in one place that it is He who takes the souls at the time of death (39:42, 6:60) and in another place the Quran says that it is the Angel of death who takes the souls (32:11), we decude from it that Allah (swt) has delegated the task of taking souls to the Angel of death, therefore both the verse are correct. So this shows that Allah (swt) does not perform every task directly, rather He delegates the tasks to his creatures, so if we believe that the Imams (as) have been delegated with the task of creation, helping and sustenance, how is that shirk?


 It is true that Allah (swt) can do things though means (always or somettimes, we cannot say anything about that). Now since the Quran tells us that taking of soul is something that Allah (swt) does through the Angel of death, therefore we believe in it. But no where in the Quran or any authentic hadith does it say that Allah (swt) has delegated the affair of creation or help or rizq to the Imams (as), rather we have abundant proof against it. The Quran always attributes the affair or creation and sustenance to Allah (swt), and in the narrations which we have already quoted Imams (as) have denied any kind of delegation.

It is true that delegation   (tafweed) is a possibility, but everything that is possible does not happen, therefore just because delegation is not impossible, it does not mean we attribute it to the Imams (as), because the Imams (as) themselves never claimed it for themselves, and as per the definition of “Ghuluw”, if we day anything about the Imams (as) that they themselves have not claimed about themselves thenwe would be indulging in Ghuluw.

Now the belief in itself might atleast constitute “Ghuluw” and “iftirah” (lying upon Allah), but since this belief has some consequences like calling upon the Imams (as) for help, for rizq, for offsprings, then this turns into shirk. Again, people who indulge in this might not consider the Imams (as) to be independent theoretically, but as we have already explained, if you call upon anyone other than Allah (swt) then this action of yours is a witness to your belief in the independence of the entity, since if you considered that Allah (swt) is the ultimate decision maker, and He has all the power to provide or not to provide, then it would be illogical to call upon anyone other than Him, who you acknowledge does not have independent giving or decision making power.


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