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Turba (Is it obligatory)?

Turbah Novel (Click Here)

Shias have a misconception that it is obligatory to do sujood on a piece of clay or on something natural which is not used for eating or wearing, like a tissue paper etc.
In this document we present the research on this topic in the form of a dialogue.



Taraweeh (Click Here for pdf file)
We present the content of this document in the form of an intellectual dialogue between some intelligent and independent-minded Shia youth and some representatives from the traditional orthodox Shia scholarly establishment. For those of you who might find this approach strange, we‟d recommend you read the book entitled “Hiwaaraat Hawlal Munqidh” by Ayatullah Sheikh Ibrahim Amini, as Ayatullah Amini uses the exact same approach in his book.
Like Dan Brown‟s riveting novel, “The Da Vinci Code”, the scenes and dialogue might be fictional but the facts presented in it are rock solid, accurate, and backed by solid research. All the information presented in it is rock-solid and true to the best of our knowledge. In fact, all the facts are taken from well-recognized Islamic books authored by the leading scholars and experts on both sides of the divide. The Rijaali analysis of the narrations derives inspiration from the approach and methodology of the grand masters of Shia Ilme Rijaal such as Ayatullah Sayyid Abul Qasim al-Khui, Ayatullah Sayyid Shaheed Mohammad Baqir al-Sadr, Ayatullah Sheikh Asif al Muhsini, and Ayatullah Sayyid Ali Seestani, among others.

Part3 (last) – Takattuf/Takfeer (Folding hands in salat)

Part3 (last) – Takattuf/Takfeer (Folding hands in salat)

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Part2 – Takattuf/Takfeer (Folding hands in salat)

Part2 – Takattuf/Takfeer (Folding hands in salat)

(Please see Part1 of this topic and then continue here)
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Part1 – Takattuf/Takfeer (Folding hands in salat)

Part1 – Takattuf/Takfeer (Folding hands in salat)

The purpose of choosing this topic is not to conclude that folding hands in salat is the correct Sunnah, we believe that keeping the hands straight is the correct Sunnah. But the extreme view that folding the hands is haram, or invalidates the prayer is not correct either. Therefore we will analyse the narrations which have been attributed to Ahlulbayt (as) on this issue.
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Aliyyun Waliullah (Third Testimony/Shahadat Salisa) in Adhan

Aliyyun Waliullah (Third Testimony/Shahadat Salisa) in Adhan


There is not even a single narration in the classical Shia books of hadith in which any Imam (as) is quoted to have mentioned the third testimony “Ash hadu anna Aliyyan wali Ullah” in Adhan. Rather there are tens of authentic narrations about Adhan without even remotely mentioning the third testimony.
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